24th Nov 2015


Tips For Reducing Energy Cost

The cost of energy is high; an average household spends a considerable amount of money on energy and for the most part, these bills consist of heating and cooling costs. Therefore, taking certain steps towards regulating heating and cooling costs could effectively cut a sizable amount off the total energy bill. Link here http://www.ambientinsulation.com/services/insulation-installation/ to know more about a wide range of thermal insulation products to ensure you are getting exactly what you really need for your home or commercial building.
Proper Use of Air Conditioners
Turning up your air conditioner thermostat during the summer can make a difference. You don’t need to have it at a low temperature when there are no occupants in the house, so turning the temperature up or switching it off, before you leave the house and even during the night would definitely lower the cost. Take advantage of ceiling fans, to circulate the air in the room and avoid reducing the temperature on your thermostat. Make sure to check the filter regularly to avoid dust collecting and diminishing the efficiency of your air conditioner.
Cut down on the Water Heater
Either shower with cold water or reduce on the time spent in the shower. A longer shower time leads to higher charges on your bill and the less time spent using heated water would be practical; especially in the case of a household with a large number of members. It’s also wise to reduce the temperature on your water heater’s thermostat and remember to switch it off when you are no longer using it.
Maintaining the Thermostat
During winter it’s always advisable to turn down your thermostat when there’s no one at home, this will help reduce cost. Installing a programmable thermostat will help maintain practical, energy saving use of your thermostat. Try to maintain a comfortable temperature and avoid turning up the thermostat unnecessarily. Using warm blankets will also be helpful in keeping the thermostat temperature to a minimum, and proper home insulation will help stop the heat generated inside of your home from escaping.
Invest in Proper Insulation
Leaks through ducts that aren’t sealed, fireplace dampers, unsealed cracks, windows, doors, floors, walls, ceilings and attics are all ways that allow for either cold or heat generated inside to escape, leading to higher temperature generating costs. There are several types of insulation and an all-around home insulation is the most effective way of reducing your energy bill.
Check your Appliances
Apart from monitoring your temperature costs, careful use of appliances can go a long way toward saving energy. Regularly check if your refrigerator door seals properly. An unsealed refrigerator door has disastrous consequences on your energy bill. Less use of the dishwasher and electronic clothes dryer will be beneficial as well. Instead of using the clothes dryer, try air drying your clothes on a clothes line. Always make sure to switch off appliances that are not in use such as lights, computers and other devices.
The equipment you use is largely responsible when it comes to your energy bill; therefore, replacing old equipment with newer energy saving equipment is always beneficial. Conscious use of appliances and regular checks around your house will help save much of the slips that lead toward high costs.