An Insight Into The World Of Garden Fertilizers

If you are new to gardening, you may be confused with a selection of manures and fertilizers available today. There are a lot of fertilizer manufacturers who produce gardening fertilizers using different types of components. A few fertilizers are made for bass dressing that can be implemented to prepare the soil before plants are introduced to the soil while some others are made to be used as top dressing while the plant is growing. Both these types of fertilizers include important components like nitrogen, potash and phosphate.

Fertilizers and their types
Normally bass fertilizers are available in high or ordinary potassium content. High lawn fertiliser are very suitable for fruits and vegetable bearing trees and they contain double the amount of potassium than any normal type of fertiliser. The general grade of garden fertilizer is made of the equal proportion of nitrogen; phosphate and potassium are all good for the general health of the plant. Top dressing fertilizers can be used dry or combined in a liquid solution as per the convenience of the gardener. The reputed brands of fertilizers available are sold in three main types. The fertiliser with the highest amount of nitrogen is suitable for plants like celery and cucumber; the moderate grade can be used while the plants begin to grow in order to help the young plants and high potash containing fertilizers for fruits and flowers plants mainly grown for exhibition purposes.

Organic fertilizer
This kind of fertilizer ate mostly of plants and animal origin and is used to provide nitrogen to the soil. But organic nitrogen should be transformed into the simple inorganic composition to make them absorbable by the plant roots and this breakdown is facilitated by soil bacteria. It is crucial to note here that the soil bacteria cannot function properly in cold, waterlogged or acidic soils so the speed of bacteria action also depends upon soil condition.

Inorganic fertilizer
Some fertilizer Australia is made of minerals extracted from the earth. Others are made artificially from synthetic materials. Inorganic fertilizers are quick acting and provide the plant with proper nutrition when used as a top dressing.
But before using any fertiliser, it is imperative to read through the instructions printed on the back of the fertilizer and follow the safety and health regulations to prevent any unwanted incidents. These days, there are ample educational videos available on YouTube, which demonstrate clearly the perfect quantity of fertilizers to grow your plants. In case you are unable to find sufficient time for this purpose, you may call a professional service provider to check and beautify the lawn of your house from time to time; and use the self-watering pots instead of the regular ones.

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- February 7, 2016