Better Resolution.

There are many advantages to having an alarm systems Central Coast over a closed circuit camera system, it allows you to view footage from the cameras on your devices, while you are away from your business or home, so you can have a peek at what is going on, on your tablet, phone or laptop. This is one of the main reasons to choose such a network, if you have reason to believe that the nanny is not as golden as she/he claims to be and the kids behaviours are indicating something is going on, then you can check up during the day and even store the information to be viewed later, doing a quick fast forward through to see if your carer is treating the children appropriately and not abusing them.

If it is a work issue and you think one of the staff members may be stealing then you can check the day’s footage and watch for any suspicious behaviour. The images are also clearer than analogue so if there is an instance where you have proof of illegal activities or suspicious goings on, then you willgenerally be able to identify the person/s in the recording and be able to pass the images on to police for further investigation, with a high probability of a successful outcome. 

As many people know images that have been pulled from CCTV cameras can be grainy and identifying theperson, who perpetrated the crime is nearly impossible. IP systems give a much clearer picture and there is the support for intelligent video, so that you can track a moving target, zooming in and capturing frame by frame moments and even detecting suspicious activities and sending alerts or alarms.

Now if this is just for home use, make sure you go through the features you need, you don’t want to be paying for all the bells and whistles when you don’t need half of them and for the first timers, use the software that comes with the camera, this ensures proper set up and if there are any issues, then there is a support number you can ring to fix the problem, hopefully.

Most importantly no matter what system you go for change the default password, this will give your system some protection from cyber-attack and look at your other security features as well. A camera is but one step in maintaining security, you need to make sure you have decent locks on doors and windows, that when you leave the house or business everything is properly secured. No point in having fancy security if you are going to have the door wide open. Don’t become obsessed with it, spending all day staring at your phone and watching every movement that is going on in the house, is a sure fire way to send you slightly mental and to lose your job. Pick a time to go through the footage at the end of the day and leave it at that.

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- September 27, 2016