Getting Your Roses To Bloom

If you are a rose lover and having trouble figuring out the whole process of planting and getting it to bloom properly (it can quite the mountain to climb when you think of having your own living thing in the house which you will have to take care of regularly) so here are some tips to help you out during your ownership of a rose plant.


If you are planning on keeping the plant inside your house then you will need to go and buy one of the cheap pots you saw at the market like terracotta pots. Once you have gotten your planter and the plant itself, then you will need to ready your gardening tool kit and the soil. Visit this link for more information regarding the terracotta pots in Sydney.

Depending on the rose you are buying, you will have to do some research and figure out the exact size of kind of plant pots you should be looking at in the first place.


The major problem of roses is that they get infected easily. So when you are preparing soil, make sure to get soil that drains easily and well (your planter should have a hole on the bottom for the water to filter through). If you want to go all organic then you might want to look into the kind of everyday items that will turn into great fertilizer for rose plants. So you can either go for earth you find in your yard or go buy the synthetic earth you can find in the supermarket.


If you buy a rose plant with the roots and all, then planting is pretty easy. You have to dig a hole big enough to put the whole of the roots until the rose plant is deep inside the hole. If you are using a planter then add a layer of soil, the plant and then fill it up with more fertilizer. It is a good idea to add fertilizer as you are buying the roots because it will help the plant stabilize itself quickly. Make sure to add just enough water for it to regain some of its energy.


After you have had your plant for some time, then you have to figure out about pruning. You will need sharp shears as the cut should be done quickly and cleanly without any edges hanging on. If you have a rose bush then prune to open up the inside of the bush to enhance the air circulation and getting rid of any diseases and insects hanging about. If it is a rose plant then you need to prune flowers and also branches in the spring to make it branch out more.

Make sure to water regularly and also add organic fertilizer. Getting rid of old blooms is a nifty trick to get the plant to bloom frequently.

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- March 22, 2016