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Less than great news for long distance removalists: research that has been conducted on the behalf of the government of Scotland and reported in tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom has found that children in families that move homes comparatively often are likelier to experience poorer health than children in families that remain in one area. The Social and Public Health Sciences Unit of the Health Directorate of the Government of Scotland tracked the health statistics of over eight and a half hundred people living in Scotland’s west country for more than twenty years. At the end of the research period, a tad under three fifths of the sample group, fifty nine per cent of all of the participants, had moved homes with their family either once or twice during the study period. About twenty per cent or a fifth were in families that did not move at all during the period, and about a further twenty per cent moved homes thrice or more.
As the British media reported it, children that moved house many times during the study period were twice as likely to have used illegal drugs and three times as likely to report self harm and suicidal ideation. Multiple British tabloids suggested that a causal link may exist between frequently moving houses and a higher risk of these negative health outcomes when compared to other members of the study cohort. Troubling news, especially if you own a removals firm.No need to cancel the furniture movers Melbourne booking yet, however. In all likelihood, the newspapers that were reporting on this story were confusing correlation and causation.
There are many factors that can cause a family to move many times. Many of these, such as an unstable home life, an unsteady housing situation, or various other disruptions in family life, are much more likely to have contributed to the increased rate of negative health outcomes that was found than the actual act of moving house. One of the researchers who was involved with the study actually discussed that, in many cases, it may actually be a beneficial experience for children for their family to move houses if the move is into better circumstances and conditions. She reminded readers of the importance of bearing this in mind, and also noted that almost all of the differences found in the various health indicators tended towards the mean as children got older.
While things such as changing areas and schools may be daunting for many children, but it can also teach crucial life skills such as resilience, self-confidence, and adaptability. Children are much more adaptable within the context of an otherwise relatively stable family life than we often give them credit for, and can often even thrive on change. It is also worth noting that the study conducted for the government of Scotland did not control for cultural variations that may exist. To know more about interstate removalists Melbourne, visit

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- April 13, 2016