Provide Good Nutrition For Healthy And Beautiful Turf In Your Lawn!

Like any other living beings, good nutrition is the basic need of grasses also. If they receive their required dose of macro and micro nutrients on right time and quantity then the result will be lush, green, soft and beautiful turf. If you are planning to sow buffalo grass seeds in your lawn then here are some fertilisation tips that can help you a lot in maintaining health and beauty of your grass.

How much fertilisation is required?

You will be glad to know that a buffalo lawn does not require much of maintenance. All you need to do is feed it with a good quality fertiliser once in every two months for overall health of the turf. There are many varieties of fertilisers available in the market. You should select the fertiliser after checking its nutrient content and quality. Of course price of the fertiliser and your budget is also very important.

How to fertilise the lawns?

Every good gardener should religiously follow round the year fertilisation routine for their buffalo lawn. This will not only keep the grass healthy but will also keep malnourishment or other infections at bay. It is very important to do your calculations before adding fertilisers in the lawn. Calculate the total area of the lawn and depending upon that you should take the quantity of the fertiliser. Instructions of use given by the manufacturer should be strictly followed to get the best results in the lawn. You can mix the fertiliser in water and spray it on the lawn at the time of watering the grass. Though, different fertilisers come with different sets of instruction and methods of use. Balance between macro nutrients and micro nutrients also known as traces should be made by the gardener.

Iron Chelating in the lawn!

You will be surprised to know that buffalo grass has an extra affinity towards iron. Though it is a micro nutrient required by the grass but importance of its presence cannot be neglected by the gardener. Unfortunately, iron is absent in most of the fertilisers available in the market. Gardener has to buy separate iron fertiliser for chelating the lawn with iron. It is one of the most important activities for fertilisation of the lawn.
Necessity of fertilisation and nutrition supplement!

Many people often question necessity of nutrient supplement and fertilisation of the lawn. There is no compulsion of anything in the field of gardening. Turf will grow on its own by taking the nutrient and water available in the soil. But this may lead to deterioration in the health and quality of turf produced in long run. They may lose their natural colour and lustre and turn out to be brown.

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- January 13, 2016